Ancient Celtic Simbols.


Celtic symbols were used as a protection tool, to infuse courage to warriors, to defeat their enemies, to gain love or to mark the way forward.

The Celts transmitted their knowledge through engravings, some of which have come down to us thanks to which they were carved from hard materials like stones, iron or bronze. Their geometric drawings hide centuries of beliefs, rituals and magical powers that few know.

Celtic symbols have been linked to the Druids and with them to nature. Here you will find the meaning of the most famous Celtic symbols:

The triquetra:


-The triquetra or later also called triquel, is a symbol of Indo-European origin that alludes to the triple dimension of the female divinity. It also symbolizes life, death and rebirth (life, death and reincarnation for the Celts).

Also known as the Trinity Knot resembles the Ouroboros, an ancient infinity symbol. The triquetra is constructed of one continuous line interweaving around itself symbolizing no beginning or end, an eternal spiritual life.

The Celts believed that everything important in the world came in threes; three stages of life, three elements, three domains; earth, sea and sky, past, present and future. The triquetra is sometimes drawn weaving around a circle, symbolizing the unity of the three parts.

The Awen: Symbol Of Divine Illumination.


  • Awen is Inspiration, is represented by three parallel lines or rays crowned by three circles and may or may not be surrounded by a global circle. … The Celtic symbol Awen is the one that allows us to be in harmony with the universe and the earth
  • .The Awen is a Neo-Druid symbol of balance. The sign appears in Charlotte Guest’s Mabinogion, a translation of old Welsh tales and folklore relating to legendary King Arthur.

Triskele: Symbol Of The Flow Of Nature


-The Triskele is an ancient Irish symbol, over 5,000 years old that stands for unity of the three. In the case of Celts, this is the physical, mental and spiritual. It also symbolizes the eternal life, the flow of nature, and spiritual growth.

The Celts believed that everything happen in threes.  The symbol can be found kerbstones of Newgrange which date back to Neolithic times around 3200 BC. They also appear on coins and pottery from Ancient Greece. The triskele is the symbol of Sicily, which in ancient times, used to be a Greek colony.

The triskele is pre-Celtic in design, dating back to before the Celts settled in Ireland, but it was incorporated into Celtic culture and frequently appears in Celtic artwork. The symbol is thought to represent continuous movement or continuously moving forward.

The triskele es the most famous symbol of Celtic culture.

Spiral: eternal life


-For the Celts, the spiral has no beginning or end but represents eternal life, like the sun that is born every morning, dies every night and reborn the next morning.



-A symbol used even today consists of three parts, each with its own meaning. The crown symbolizes loyalty, the heart represents love and the hands that hold it symbolize friendship. This symbol can be found in the rings that, according to legend, the ancient Celtic lovers carried as a symbol of commitment.

The Crann Bethadh or Tree of Life


-It was a sacred symbol, representing the world of spirits, well-being and integrity of the villages. It reflects the connection of its branches, which touched the sky, with its roots, descending into the world of the dead. Each tree had a different meaning, from the protection of the birch to the imagination of the willow or the wisdom of the ash.



It is a Celtic symbol represented by two serpents intertwined with each other, symbolizing the strength of the earth. As they say, it gives love and power to whoever possesses it, provided it is not touched by seawater.



-Channels the energies that make up the universe and the struggle of light in the face of darkness. It provided protection against strangers or devils who invaded stables or crops by spoiling them.

Perennial Knot.


-Represents eternal love.

The Celtic knots mean in general the eternal union.


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